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FREE Same Day Shipping on all domestic orders over $75!

Canine Athletes Military Green Heavy Duty 1.5" Working Dog Collar

Canine Athletes working dog collars bridge the gap between function and style. They're tough enough to hold up to the wear and tear of of everyday life, yet stylish enough to show off at any event or fancy neighborhood!

These collars are comprised of (3) layers of heavy duty black nylon sandwiched between military green seat belt webbing. The seat belt material has always been my collar of choice. Typical nylon collars are strong but are hard on the dogs neck. The seat belt webbing is just as strong but much smoother so it reduces the risk of collar rub. The Canine Athletes logo on these collars won't fade or crack because they are printed using a technique called dye sublimation. Sublimation printing is a technique that uses heat sensitive inks. These inks turn into gas under the influence of heat and becomes part of the structure of the seat belt material.

For the last 15 years there has only been one collar Canine Athletes have trusted on their dogs.


* 1.5" Wide 5-Ply Nylon Seat Belt Collar
* Fits 13"-20" neck size
* Stainless Steel D-Ring and Hardware
* Classic Canine Athletes Sublimation Print
* Elastic Collar Keeper
* Hand Made in Alabama

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