Canine Athletes 2" AP-Sport Working Dog Collar

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Simply put, this is the toughest & best-looking waterproof dog collar ever built. Like all Canine Athletes collars, it offers legendary durability, but with the added convenience of being waterproof, smell-proof and easy to clean. Built to be so durable and reliable, this seriously comfortable dog collar could be the last you'll ever need.

  • 2" Double-Layered TPU Wrapped Nylon Collar
    • Small: Fits 12" - 16" neck size
    • Medium: Fits 14" - 18" neck size
    • Medium Large: Fits 16" - 20" neck size
    • Large: Fits 18" - 22" neck size
    • Extra Large: Fits 20" - 24" neck size
    • XXL: Fits 22 - 26" neck size
  • High-density fabric resists mildew, punctures, and UV rays
  • Black Finished Stainless Steel D-Ring & Rust Resistant Hardware
  • Precision Stitched & Laser Cut
  • Heavy Duty Collar Keepers
  • Elastic Collar Keeper

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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The best!

Absolutely love the brand and their products. Bought this collar for my bully puppy with a 19” neck, got a large. He fits on the smallest hole and i have no doubt the collar will stay strong for years to come he will grow and fill it out. The quality and craftsmanship is incredible. Very satisfied with the product. Worth every penny 3X over.

Heavy Duty and 100% Satisfied

I have husky who is always getting dirty and some how her collars randomly come off and she chews them up. My last straw was when I bought her a “heavy duty” tactical dog collar from Amazon. It only lasted three days before it magically came off and she chewed it up. It was very frustrating, so I went on here to order her a heavy duty collar. I found y’all through TikTok and gave it a try. I wanted a collar that was thick, sturdy, waterproof, easy to wash off, and won’t come off randomly. Then I found this collar and when it got here I was excited! It’s very thick and stiff which I like since that means it won’t come off easily. She has been wearing it over a week now and it’s holding on pretty good!
Will be buying from y’all again soon :)

Angel Conde
Excelente equipo

Muy satisfecho con la marca que nos representa a los preservadores de la raza APBT.

Ontavius Brown
New dog collar

I love my new dog collars and so does my dogs

King Ranch Kennels
Great collar

This collar is pretty awesome I'm not a nylon collar fan , but this tpu coating is a game changer, everyone looks at this picture of the collar and thinks it's biothane but this is a much stronger and more reliable product . They really have covered everything I hate about most collars in this one collar the elastic collar keeper being my favorite feature because the loose end of a collar is just absolutely horrible. Great job guys , I should of bought this long ago , hopefully this will be the only collar I buy from here on out .

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