Canine Athletes Black Elite-HD 6' Dog Leash


The Canine Athletes Elite-HD Dog Leash has been designed with three key elements in mind: Safety, Durability & Comfort.

We outfitted the Elite-HD Leash with a lightweight aviation grade aluminum twist-lock carabiner that has a built-in swivel which prevents twisting and tangling. This clip is force tested to withstand over 1,000lbs of pressure, so you can rest assured that your dog will be safe and secure. The auto-locking carabiner makes it nearly impossible for your dog to become accidentally unclipped.

We added soft neoprene padding to the handle to provide superior comfort and reduce hand fatigue on your walks.

10 feet leashes are a personal favorite of mine as they provide plenty of line for roadwork. The dog has plenty of room to get out in front of me when handwalking and explore left to right while still being able to keep pace.


  • 1" Wide 2-Ply Nylon Leash
  • 6' Long
  • Auto-Locking Aviation Grade Aluminum Carabiner with Swivel
  • Neoprene Padded Handle
  • Classic Canine Athletes Silicone Patch
  • Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    Martin Martinez- Esquivel

    I like it alot. It feels like(god forbid)it will give my dog neck protection if another dog tries to bite him because of how wide it is!

    José Fuentes

    Very happy with the product and the customer service 👍🏼 💯

    Josh Sanchez

    I’m not a fan of 6’ leashes, but this product is great, at first I was kinda skeptical about the twist/pull down method for the carabiner but eventually got over it and the leash is awesome

    Eric G.
    Fantastic leash!

    My 2 y/o 80# Golden's regular leash came unhooked somehow during a training class, trainer saved the day and quickly grabbed his collar, will not happen again with the strong/secure carabiner on this leash. Nice padded handle, strong heavier weight nylon and good stitching. It was shipped and arrived in time for the next week's class. Thanks!

    Amar Moseley
    Strong leash

    I have the 10' version to give my pit/dogo room to chase squirrel a bit more without injuring my shoulder.

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