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The inspiration for the new Canine Athletes Elite-HD Weighted Dog Collar came from our frustration with traditional weight collars on the market. There are two main styles, both of which that are lacking in functionality and design. The first are the non-adjustable weighted collars which are fine but the inability to change the weight means less flexibility and the need for multiple collars. The second are the adjustable weight collars, but they use snap pockets to hold weight blocks inside. I found those to be clunky, poorly executed and unattractive. So, in collaboration with Italian Engineer Francesco Burato, we set out to redefine what a pro-grade weight collar should be.

Dogs nor humans should have to worry about their gear when training. A weight collar needs to be streamlined and functional so the focus can be on dominating workouts. Over a 12-month period we went through multiple design renditions before we were satisfied that we had the blueprint for the ultimate weighted dog collar. We then sampled, tested, adjusted, and then sampled, tested, and made more adjustments before becoming satisfied that we accomplished our goal.

Canine Athletes Weight Collar Sketch[Francesco’s early sketch for our dream weighted dog collar]

Canine Athletes come in all shapes and sizes, and we wanted to build one weight collar that could satisfy as many dogs as possible. The design needed to be Canine Athletes strong, with the flexibility to be useful to as many dogs as possible at various stages of their athletic journey. It quickly became evident that we needed to find a way to easily add and remove weight. This led us to adding a zipper for added functionality. However, after some research we realized that all zippers are not created equal. There are many different quality levels when it comes to zippers (who knew?!). We went through many zippers before finding one suitable for our collar. Our waterproof auto locking YKK zipper is durable and secure enough to handle the rigors of hardcore training regimens. To add an extra layer of security and to give a cleaner look, we decided to extend the collar flap to cover the zipper when closed.

We determined a 3” wide collar would help distribute the weight more evenly around the dog’s neck as well as allowing more inner volume area for weight to satisfy the needs of larger stronger dogs. We then needed to address the comfort factor. Instead of typical neoprene, we chose an extra smooth satin padding that is softer yet more durable than anything else we found. Industrial strength Velcro allows for a secure customized fit on nearly every dog. 

Canine Athletes Lucio Weight Dog Collar

Our attention to detail, thoughtful design and rigorous product testing have resulted in the most refined and versatile weight collar ever made. We are very proud of the finished product. Early feedback from Canine Athletes customers has been phenomenal.

Big thanks to Francesco Burato for his help designing the all-new Elite-HD Weighted Dog Collar. You can learn more about it here.

Andrew Seguss
Andrew Seguss

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