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The True Colours Of A Pit Bull
Poem by Sasha Leigh

Some are black, some are red, some are wide with big heads,
Some are slender, and more to type, some like to wrestle, some like to bite,
Some are soft, and some outgoing, some are perfect made for showing,
Some are pricey, some a good deal, some are like Velvet, Bobs heart she did steal,
Some are elegant, and some intelligent, just a few things that make this breed eminent.

Some are buckskin, some are brindle, some are shy, some like to mingle,
Some pull weight, and some climb walls, some are famous like Bobby Hall’s,
Some have pedigrees, and some unsure, they still can prove that they’re worthy and pure,
Some hang tough, and tug-o-war, it’s not enough, some want more,
Some on the field, protection sports, some in movies, Knockout Wes of course!

Some are chocolate, some are white, some solve problems, they are bright,
Some a part of history, renowned, like Floyd B’s Blind Billy.
 Some are curs but should still be respected, as they did not ask for their lives to be tested.
Some are pets in the house and companions, although their ped is descendant from champions.
Some, Canine Athletes, like Team Sniper shows, there are some others, I’ll bet Lucio Knows!

Some are brown, and seal too, it is seldom they come in blue,
Could be from Boudreaux’ Skull if they do!
Some work for police and in therapy too, is there anything this breed can’t do?
Some are black and tan, or fawn, some less brain but lots of brawn,
Many love humans, it’s commonly known, do not believe what the media’s shown.

Let’s take this story in a different direction, and after you're done make some time for reflection,
Do not believe how these dogs are depicted, a real pitbull you’ll meet and will be addicted,
You might be surprised they’re not made for a thug, many are bit by the pitbull bug,
With a book like Stratton’s and some understanding, with us is where you will soon be standing,
Fighting for them just as gamely as they, for the organizations take pits lives as their pay.

Exploiting these dogs and say they’re neglected, they catastrophize, then euthanize, more donations collected,
Apparently this is a rescue mission, so killing them puts them in a better position?
Dogs in condition and responsibly contained, flirt poles and break sticks and dogs that are trained,
Treadmills and weights, misconceived by the sheeple, in that case let’s raid the gyms of the people?
Chain spots wide open to run, jump and play, not stuck in a kennel or crate all day.

It’s not hard to understand, unless you’re obtuse; we could say an obese dog on a couch is abuse,
When it comes to a dog, it’s not one size fits all, not everything’s cured by a biscuit or ball,
It’s not training, it’s genetics that needs to be managed, any dog uncontrolled can cause some damage,
Labs, Shepherds, Retrievers or even a Beagle, so why’s it our breed that’s considered so evil?

Once they were loved like Pete the pup from TV, even the President had a pit called Petey,
Graced the cover of life magazine times three, that’s more than any breed in history,
I can’t understand what’s changed with the times, I can’t understand why the people are blind,
I can’t understand this flip in portrayal; I can’t understand this obscene betrayal,
And to all of the Gamedogs, that met their demise, on behalf of all humans, I apologize.

Andrew Seguss
Andrew Seguss

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February 20, 2018


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