Canine Athletes Elite-HD Parting Break Stick


As owners of high-drive working dogs, we must always be prepared for the worst. The Canine Athletes Elite-HD Parting Stick is a must have for every serious sporting dog owner. This tool will humanely and efficiently remove a dog from whatever it has a grip on. We all like to believe our dogs have a bulletproof 'out'. The reality is, from time to time our dogs are stubborn. When their adrenaline is pumping sometimes they forget the 'out' command. When used properly, this parting stick is an efficient and humane way to manually 'out' your dog.

The problem with the competitions 'homemade' parting sticks are that they are too thick. They are cumbersome and difficult to use. They damage easily and just do not perform well. We've solved this problem with the Canine Athletes Elite-HD Parting Break Stick. At only 5mm thick, our parting stick is the thinnest ever produced. We teamed with a leading polycarbonate manufacturer to develop our own proprietary blend that is the ideal material for a parting stick. The ultra-thin design allows the stick to be easily inserted into the tightest grip. The strength and durability of our stick ensures it will withstand a lifetime of use. You will never want to use another stick again!


  1. Calmly but firmly secure your dog between your legs and grip the collar. Don't panic, dogs feed off our energy.
  2. Once the dog is secured, insert the parting stick between the dogs premolars and gently wiggle the stick between the teeth. The further you are able to insert the stick, the greater surface area you will have to utilize leverage to release the grip.
  3. Gradually twist the stick (like a motorcycle grip). This is will begin to release the dogs grip. Do not muscle through the twist. You can damage the dogs teeth. Take your time and calmly apply gradual pressure until the dogs grip begins to release. It will take longer on some dogs with extreme grips.


  • Canine Athletes Proprietary Polycarbonate Material- designed to last a lifetime
  • 5mm Thick- the thinnest & strongest parting stick ever made
  • Ergonomic pistol grip
  • Dimensions: 5mm Thick, 12" long, 3" wide

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    Corey Griffin

    Great Product, very comfortable in hand

    Samuel Martinez

    Is very very good. very comfortable and strong

    Byron Cobb

    Love them

    Shawn FREEMAN
    To Fancy

    You have watch how you grab and in emergencies it can be hard to pick up. It's a little to hard may can chip teeth if you to aggressive.

    Parting stick

    I have working dogs,been thru a couple of kennels accidents,this is a good stick

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