Indestructibone Professional Grade XL Plus Dog Chew Toy

Bulletproof Pet Products Indestructibone is a virtually indestructible chew toy. It is made especially for those dogs that are tough on their chew toys. It has a small treat hole on each end so that you can add your dog’s favorite treat.

Key Benefits

  • XL Plus-  recommended for dogs up to 51-100 lbs.
  • 90 day – 1 time replacement guarantee. See “Replacement” page for details.
  • Approximate measurements: 8” X 1.25” X 1.625”
  • Weighs approximately 13 ounces

I recently was given some samples of these chew toys and was very impressed with their durability. Give one a try, and if you dog can destroy in less than 90 days Bullet Proof Pet Products will feature your dog on their "Hall of Fame" page!

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Shannon Bell
    It's gonna take some beating!

    Currently being worked on by a young dog. It's incredibly durable. Solid, tough and weighty. Highly recommended for heavy chewers.

    Joseph Formisano
    70lb.Pitbulls second Indestructible Bone

    Okay this is all true people, Our 2 y/o Pitbull all teeth and mouth like a Tyranisaurus Rex took 7 months to chew the 1st bone down, somemore to go so it's an outside toy now.He is on his 2nd bone another XL 51 to 100 lb dog size again. He is at it again like 2 hrs. a day. Don't buy $20.00 bones, rubber or whatever because they don't last. Our pit has dropped it over 60 times on the tile floors, wood and concrete, both haven't broken, although don't push the concrete thingy.
    You can email me at JoeFormi@yahoo.comand I'll tell you myself again. It's a damn good toy.
    The next purchase is the dark rubber donut, if he chews through that, I'll let you know also.
    Everyday Pip our pitbull likes to grab onto a bar and hang in place for a few minutes, so with those jaws the bone is his or any chewing Doggo's favorite.
    No lies, I'm not being paid or given goodie from this company. Just being honest.
    Joseph Formisano

    Great Chew Toy

    My 2 1/2 year old GSD/MAL loves this chew. She is a very persistent chewer and this chew toy has really held up!!

    Robin Bechler

    Indestructibone Professional Grade XL Plus Dog Chew Toy

    Danny C.
    Great chew toy for powerful chewers

    1 week in :

    Shipping was super quick, 2 days

    2 year old, 50lb Female bully who destroys black kongs in 15 minutes. Been giving her this toy every day for 30 to 45 minutes and she's barely made a dent

    It's heavy weight and well worth the money if your tired of spending money on cheap toys

    Serious dog chew toy for serious dogs

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