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Canine Athletes 12" Heavy Duty Fire Hose Single Handle Bite Tug

As anyone with a high drive working dog knows, not all tug toys are created equal. This Canine Athletes heavy duty fire hose is tug might just be the strongest tug ever developed.

Many claim fire hose, but most either use up-cycled firehose that has been used and is likely contaminated with chemicals or they use cheaper firehose imitation material. The body of the Canine Athletes heavy duty tug is constructed from brand new, authentic double-jacket fire hose. This material is extremely tough and durable and built to withstand immense pressure and abuse. The edges of the tug are secured with industrial grade nylon and boxed stitched which is considerably stronger than the standard flat stitches most tug makers use. The handles are constructed from thick industrial grade double-ply nylon webbing and provide plenty of room for a comfortable and safe grip. Lastly, the Canine Athletes logo is applied utilizing sublimation technology. This infuses the colors into the fabric fibers to ensure the logo will last virtually forever. Most use heat transfers or screen printing; both of which applies the logo on top of the fabric. After a few session the logo is damaged and terribly looking.

This competition grade tug is ideal for:

  • Intense games of tug-o-war with power dogs to build strength and stamina. The industrial strength materials and build ensures it will last.
  • Spring pole use.
  • Dock diving - This tug floats!
  • Training, bonding and mental stimulation.


  • Authentic, commercial grade double-jacket fire hose material.
  • Reinforced box-stitched, double-ply handles for intense tug and increased durability.
  • Sublimation printed logos that last a lifetime.
  • Made by Bulletproof Pet Products for Canine Athletes. They are the industry leader in competition grade tug toys.
  • Made in USA.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This tug is NOT a chew toy. DO NOT let your dog chew on this. It is designed for interactive tug-o-war. The nylon may be harmful if ingested.

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    Raul Chavarria
    It's Great!

    It's Great!

    angelo sacino

    Longest tug to last to date. Great product another banger!!!

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