Canine Athletes 3" Elite-HD Weighted Working Dog Collar

Military Green


Fine form meets rugged function. Designed in partnership with Italian engineer Francesco Burato, we've redefined what a pro-grade weight collar should be.

Inspired by the competitions nightmares, the Canine Athletes Elite-HD Weight Collar asserts itself quite simply as the best weight collar ever built. This collar offers clean Italian design that not only looks incredible; it literally gives you control of the weight inside the collar down to the ounce. This allows the flexibility to effortlessly adjust the weight of the collar depending on your dogs individual needs. Simply unzip the end of the collar and add or remove weight as desired. You no longer need multiple weight collars as your training progresses or your dogs change.


  • PROVEN RESULTS: Increase your dogs strength, power & endurance
  • BUILT TO LAST: Strong, durable and comfortable pro-quality construction
  • COMFORT: Extra smooth satin padding- outperforms traditional neoprene padding
  • ADJUSTABLE: Waterproof Auto-Locking YKK Zipper- allows for a range of adjustability never before seen in a weighted dog collar
  • SECURE FIT: Extra strength Velcro for a secure and customized fit
  • Fits 14" to 26" neck size  
  • Adjustable from 1/2lb to up to 8lbs
  • Extra Weight Available. Click Here


Exercising with a weighted collar forces all of your dogs muscles to work together to provide a more intense, full-body workout. If used correctly, a weighted collar can help make your dog stronger and faster. Less is more when it comes to using a weighted collar. You can do more harm than good if your dog is not conditioned for it or if you leave it on the dog for too long. To start, aim for 4 - 5% of your dogs body weight and gradually build up to 8-10% over time.

BEHIND THE DESIGN: Learn more about the Canine Athletes Elite-HD Weighted Dog Collar.

Customer Reviews

Based on 78 reviews
Best weighted collar!

This collar is incredibly well made. Strong quality materials with a strong velcro strap to disallow "shifting" of the collar when excorcising. Smooth inside of collar doesn't chaff.

The weights inside the collar are loose! So be careful when inspecting the metal beads as they are tiny and if spilt, u will NOT find them all.

I like the bead weights though because it allows for even distribution of weight around the neck. Note: You will need a scale to weigh the collar, if you won't be using all the weight supplied.

This a new purchase but I get the impression this will last a while.

Highly recommend.

Shannon Bell

This collar is brilliantly designed and extremely well made. I'm beyond happy with it. I can't fault it. It will last for years and looks great doing it.

Shermeel Hargrave

Quick delivery and an all around great product

B. Manuel

I ordered the Canine Athletes' 3" Elite- HD 5 lb. Weighted Working Dog Collar on Friday and received it in the mail on Monday. I've been using it on my RCDs or Running Catch Dogs that help stop Wild Boars. Boar Hunting is an extreme sport and the dogs need to be in the very best shape they can be in and this product will certainly help achieve that goal. Thank you for your reliability and excellent service. I highly recommend Canine Athletes to hunters everywhere. They help us get the job done!

Kevin Palmer

The shipping was on time the product was perfect I'm pleased with it I will be shopping again sometime soon thanks for your product

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