Indestructibone Professional Grade Super Max Dog Chew Toy

Bulletproof Pet Products Indestructibone is a virtually indestructible chew toy. It is made especially for those dogs that are tough on their chew toys. It has a small treat hole on each end so that you can add your dog’s favorite treat.

Key Benefits

  • Super Max -  recommended for dogs 101+ lbs.
  • 90 day – 1 time replacement guarantee. See “Replacement” page for details.
  • Approximate measurements: 12” X 1.25” X 1.625”
  • Weighs approximately 1lb 2 ounces

I recently was given some samples of these chew toys and was very impressed with their durability. Give one a try, and if you dog can destroy in less than 90 days Bullet Proof Pet Products will feature your dog on their "Hall of Fame" page!

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 1 review
    Tough but he doesn't seem to like it.

    I have a large Chocolate lab (abt 120lbs) who has chewed through a black Kong in 15 min. His bite force makes my Pitbull look like a puppy. I bought this for him because of the reviews I read on the other sizes and thought, if this honestly gives him something he could really chew longer than a few minutes, it would be worth the extra expense. Well, it does seem to be able to hold up to his chewing. At least the small amount of chewing he's done to it. He just doesn't seem to like it though and neither does my Pitbull. But to be fair, she's not really an avid chewer anymore unless it's something she can eat. My lab though, is still a chain saw. He's turning 3 this month and I still have to cage off our small fruit trees and grape vines because he will chew them right down to the stub. I was really hoping that this would give him an alternative source of satisfaction. Darn.

    Hi Jacki- Sorry to hear that your dog doesn't love the toy. From time to time this happens. Have you tried adding peanut butter or something inside the holes on each end? Sometimes that helps.

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