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Founded in 2010, owner Andy Seguss created Canine Athletes out of a spare room in his house. Having no idea what he was doing, he was guided by his dream to create a brand that was unique to the lifestyle he had been living for over two decades, and share that dream with the world. What did Canine Athletes stand for? A brand dedicated to those who sacrifice their heart and soul for our dogs. A brand that did things its own way and stood for something. Twelve years later, Canine Athletes is where it is today; thriving and growing. We want what you want, a line that speaks to our lifestyle and sacrifices, something you can be proud to represent. We Are Canine Athletes.

We are Canine Athletes


With thousands of customers using our products daily, the quality speaks for itself. We produce goods that represent our unique and rugged spirit. The same gear we’ve used for years. We understand the need for safe, dependable long-lasting products.

Canine Athletes Quality


If you need us, we’re here. Real people with decades of high-level dog experience offering a personalized customer service approach. Andy runs the brand's social media and is just a DM away. Every product is backed by our Limited Warranty Coverage.

Canine Athletes customer service


Our user friendly website is constantly adding new products with fast shipping, easy ordering, and tracking. Other perks include a Buy Now, Pay Later option, and a rewards program to recognize our loyal customers. And always, we offer Free USA Shipping on orders $100+.

Canine Athletes Free Shipping

Since day one, Canine Athletes has made it a priority to give back to important causes. We've partnered with non-profits like Paws and Stripes, Military Working Dog Team Support, and various sport dog organizations across the world. 

Canine Athletes gives back

If you have any questions, please reach out to us and let us know. We are here to support you and your dogs anyway we can. You can see our products here and follow our blog here.  And if you'd like to read more about the Canine Athletes story, click here

Andrew Seguss
Andrew Seguss

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Andy's Email Screw-up
Andy's Email Screw-up

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Handler's Meeting
Handler's Meeting

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Canine Athletes Aldo and Andy Seguss
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